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PressReader gathers more than 2,000 real replicas of newspapers from around the world. Although the app launched in 2010 for iPad, we think it works great on smartphone screens, too. PressReader requires a bit of an investment after your free trials, but it’s worth it if you’re a lover of traditional print journalism.

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The PressReader app is for newspaper lovers—those who cherish black-stained fingertips, the smell of ink and the joy of holding a wide-open printed spread. PressReader offers a traditional newspaper-reading experience by showing you replicas of newspapers. The only difference is you are swiping (not turning) the pages on your smartphone or tablet.

PressReader’s free download gives you access to more than 2,000 (and counting) newspapers from around the world. Search by country, then alphabetically, or use the Search bar to find the paper of your choice. You also can read news from the Top Stories tab, where you can read popular news content without having to download the publication. If you download an issue, you won’t need Internet access to read it.

The coolest thing about this app is that the downloaded newspaper issues look exactly like the real thing. Not only will you view local news stories, you’ll even see the weather, comics, crossword puzzles and classified ads. If you’re away from home, it’s especially comforting to view a familiar paper. And though you’re viewing exact replicas of printed newspapers, your reading experience is made more enjoyable by PressReader’s convenient features (for instance, you can increase or decrease font sizes). Plus, you can share your articles via Twitter, Facebook and email.

To navigate the paper, PressReader offers you a few features that are exclusive to the app. First, SmartZoom technology allows you to double tap an article that appears on the full-page view. This takes you to a close-up of the beginning of the article, not just to where you tapped.

You can also tap on the title of a story (these appear in blue) to read an article, and if you're an iPad user, it's here that you can indulge in the app’s claim to fame: SmartFlow. This technology lets you read your news as a continuous horizontal stream of stories.

Lastly, if you prefer to listen to your news, PressReader’s Newspaper Radio feature offers on-demand audio.

With the initial app download, PressReader gives you seven free issues. This does not mean you can download seven newspapers and then get access to new stories every day thereafter. Think of it as seven real newspapers, published on a specific day. (Therefore, the hefty Sunday newspapers are a good choice.)

After the seven free issues, you’ll likely be hooked (we were) and you’ll begin to pay for your news, just like we did in the old days of highly coveted print journalism. A full pricing list is located on PressReader's website.

Check out our app developer interview with Michael Oksinski of PressReader.

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