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Reader’s Digest Jokes and Funny True Stories

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Reader’s Digest Jokes and Funny True Stories has a long name—one that matches this entertainment app’s long list of uses.

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We’ve all been there. Either on the receiving end or the shouting end of, “Are we there yet?” Unfortunately, this app didn’t exist when we were kids. If it did, then those long road trips surely wouldn’t have seemed as long as they were.

To say the Reader's Digest Jokes and Funny True Stories app is loaded would be an understatement—there are over a thousand jokes and stories to choose from. Select from a large well of jokes covering such topics as Daily Life, Doctor, Kids, Marriage, Ouch and Senior Moments. The best part is that this easy-to-use app is safe for all ages, although your youngster may not totally get all the jokes in the Marriage category, for instance.

Once you select a category, the list grows even more. And if you don’t like the story or joke you selected, just give the device a shake, and you'll get a brand new joke within the same category.

You can also select favorites, post to Facebook and use the app to search for a joke or story you may have heard in the past and wanted to tell again. The variety of ways to find a good item are only matched by this app’s ease of use, as well as the number of jokes and stories available for telling.

Reviewed: Jun 10, 2012 |

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