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The free REALSKI app gives you a different look at the slopes. With the augmented-reality app, you can locate trails and their difficulty levels, chair lifts and more near you. But while the app is a fun tool, you’ll be lucky if your resort is one of the chosen locations included in REALSKI’s database.

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For the tech-geek snow bum, there’s REALSKI. The app uses your smartphone’s camera and its augmented-reality capabilities to help you find the right trails, locate the nearest chair lifts and just about any other important location or landmark at a resort nearby.

REALSKI works by accessing the camera built into your iPhone. It displays what the camera sees on your screen, and the app overlays information on the image, showing you how difficult the run you’re about to venture might be, for example. The app helps you navigate with the help of your device’s built-in GPS capabilities.

You can also snap your own photos along the way and add accompanying geotags so other users can see them and their locations at the resort. Plus, you can share your shots with friends across Facebook and Twitter.

If there's a drawback to REALSKI, it's that the app is a bit limited. It includes maps of 100 different resorts, which means there is a good chance it won't work at your favorite locations. You’ll also have to purchase each map individually at $0.99 a pop.

If you happen to frequent a supported resort, REALSKI is a good download, as it includes plenty of weather information, a compass tool and other fun features that relate to the specific resort. (Participating resorts are listed on REALSKI’s website.)

Reviewed: Feb 21, 2012 |

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