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RealTime Jobs

By WorkDigital Ltd.


You may not think of Twitter as the top spot to find a job, but there are plenty of employers on the hunt there. Real-Time Jobs brings those openings to you.

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Looking for a job online can lead to a lot of wild goose chases — you may have to contend with old listings, or you may find yourself confused about exactly what an employer is looking for. Real-Time Jobs eliminates some of those problems by bringing you the latest job searches available on the Web, specifically by searching Twitter. Input the kind of job you’re looking for and what city you’re looking in, and the app scours Twitter for actual job searches and brings them back. Then, you can use Twitter to respond to the person who posted and quickly get a foot in the door.

Real-Time Jobs isn’t perfect by any stretch. Searching Twitter is a little imperfect, returning lots of non-job listing results, which means you’ll need to spend some time sifting through all of those up-to-date listings. The app does include a filtering feature that makes sifting easier, however, and overall it’s extremely easy to use.

Reviewed: Sep 26, 2011 |