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Not sure you're getting the best price? RedLaser not only searches the Internet for good prices on your desired product, but it also tells you which local stores are carrying it and at what price. Never overpay again!

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RedLaser has just one real function: Scanning bar codes and finding product prices. But it’s exactly that simplicity that makes it an app worth having on your smartphone. Using RedLaser is a cinch: Aim your phone’s camera at a bar code and the app will scan it, determine what the product is and run that information through the Internet to find the best possible prices.

Yes, RedLaser is great for shopping online when you happen to come across something desirable in the real world. But it’s even more useful when you’re already in the store ready to purchase an item and trying to determine if you’re getting the best price. Not only does the app search the Internet for good prices, but it also bounces the information around locally using your smartphone’s GPS capabilities, so you can also see what local shops are charging. With RedLaser, you’ll become the bane of shop clerks and business owners everywhere by always being informed about the price of your purchase.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |