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Road Trip Fun

By Scott Falbo


Road Trip Fun does exactly what it says, providing entertainment in game form during your long car rides. Going through a few too many states? This app houses 29 games to choose from. Just make sure the driver in the car keeps his eyes on the road.

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Road Trip Fun is one of the most straightforward apps we’ve ever come across. If you’re on a road trip and need a game to amuse yourself or your whining kid in the backseat, you’re cruising down Satisfaction Highway with this game-filled app.

Speaking of games, there are 29 on this app. From classic backseat faves like License Plates to some we’d never heard of (2 Truths, 1 Lie...anyone?).

The app offers you a list of games. Once you find one that you like, the app describes the gameplay. End of story. It’s just that easy. It also comes with a clever, if not catchy little statement at the end of each game description: "Caution: The driver should focus on driving and not play any of the road trip games." We wonder if that’s ever worked.

What this app lacks in sophistication, graphic design and complexity, it makes up for in sheer volume. On a cross-country drive? Start at the top and work your way down through the list. Even if you only played each of the games once, time flies by and you’ll be a little closer to your destination before you know it.

Our favorite game in Road Trip Fun is Our Neighbor On The Road, which can literally go a thousand different ways, and is a variation on the old game Grapevine. Those people in the next car won’t know why you’re laughing so hard.

Reviewed: Jun 10, 2012 |

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