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You might say that S.O.S. by American Red Cross is a combination of other CPR and emergency apps. Which is what makes it so good and so valuable.

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S.O.S. by American Red Cross is like a mobile Red Cross prep course.

The app trains you to be prepared for different kinds of potential emergency scenarios, such as what to do when a coworker starts to choke during lunch, your best move if a child starts to drown or how to deal with a dangerous allergic reaction, just to name a few.

S.O.S. includes a resource manual as well as a database of tutorial and informational videos. The resource guide covers topics such as how to approach or check the vitals on an injured or ill person, the steps to take before you help another person, how to treat animal bites or insect stings and how to help someone who has eaten a toxic substance.

The videos (which you have to download after app installation) cover similar topics —stroke, seizure, allergic reactions and CPR, for instance. These videos are brief (certainly practical in an emergency), so the information is easy to learn and sticks with you.

Perhaps the most helpful part of the app is the “emergency” section. This part walks you through scenarios as they’re unfolding, with yes or no questions to help you figure out what to do next: “Is the person breathing?” “Is the person conscious?” “Has the person collapsed?”

S.O.S. also has a 911 button to put you in direct contact with EMS. The feature displays a map so you can tell the operator your exact location.

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