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Sale Saver — Percent Off/Sale Calculator

By Jump Gap Software


An app designed to calculate your savings during a sale may seem too simplistic — especially for the price. But for some, Sale Saver is a good investment.

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Bargain hunters will love Sale Saver, especially those who want to know when so-called deals are truly worthwhile and what the final cost will be. Take another 15 percent off the reduced price plus 10 percent off, today only, in-store savings… what?! This quick percentage calculator lets you know exactly what you’re spending when you head out to your next big store sale. Just enter the price of the item and the percentage it’s discounted, and Sale Saver gives you the sale price.

Yes, the app is pretty simple at its heart — and those who know how to do percentages on their calculators don’t really need it, especially since it costs two bucks. But for the rest of us, knowing when a deal is a real steal or a trivial discount can’t be undervalued. The app also allows you to lay down a percentage discount and gives you quick reference price points from $0.49 to $199.99 so you don’t need to type in the numbers.

The most useful feature of Sale Saver is probably its shopping cart, which lets you keep track of the things you’re planning to buy, their prices and their discounts, so you’ll get a running list of everything you’re about to spend. When you’re trying to stick to a budget, that’s a good total to know.

Reviewed: Aug 26, 2011 |