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With this free app you can read sports blogs across the country, written by fans like you.

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The SB Nation sports website boasts about its knack for providing intelligent conversation—about sports, that is. And that’s the nice thing about this app—it aggregates numerous sports blogs written by sports fanatics (known as bloggers). Forget the boring, fact-ridden articles without a point of view. In addition, the sports app offers a way for enthusiastic sports fans to enter a conversation simply by commenting on an article.

SB Nation’s mobile app is not complicated. It has four simple but effective sections—Newsfeed, Lineup, Following and Account. The Newsfeed acts as the app’s homepage, offering recent blog posts for your browsing pleasure. If you frequent a blog, tap the star icon to include it in your Following, the app’s easy-access “favorites” section.

The Lineup category is your place to customize content. Select your teams, blogs and sports of choice. If you’re a Buffalo Bills fanatic, for instance, choose a selection in all three categories—Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Rumblings blog and football. SB Nation aggregates all blogs within these categories and houses your selections in the Lineup tab. You’ll quickly be on your way to becoming a Buffalo Bills know-it-all.

We like how the Lineup tab contains your chosen picks, while the Newsfeed stays filter free. You can read up on everything sports related, while easily tapping another tab to focus on personalized content. Best of both worlds—er, teams.

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