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Seamless Food Delivery and Takeout

By Seamless North America, LLC


Seamless Food Delivery and Takeout is an app that will bring the world of takeout and delivery to your fingertips, dinner to your door and fullness to your bellies, all with the touch of a button.

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Just when you had given up on the task of making dinner at home, along comes Seamless, the delivery and takeout app that offers you options both near and far, so you can put dinner on the table in a timely and effortless manner. (Just lose the takeout containers and your family will never know.)

First off, kudos to the app’s design team. Seamless is colorful yet simple, thorough but easy to understand. And the options the app presents are pertinent and exactly what you need to get good food on the table fast.

If you don’t want to become a member of Seamless, the app offers you the opportunity to stay a First-Timer and use the app as a guest as often as you like. But there are perks to being a Seamless member. Membership enables you to save your location, receive Seamless updates and order The Usual, which is an item or items from any of the Seamless restaurants that you choose to designate.

Seamless gives you the option for delivery or pickup. Obviously there will be some restaurants that don’t do both, but this app lets you know what’s available where.

To begin an order, populate your current location into the app or enter a location (if you’re a member, you can choose your saved address). Once a location is selected, up comes the restaurant list. Too many options? Just add the filters such as rating, distance, ready time and cuisine type.

Once you lock in the restaurant, the menu pops up. Select your item and you can tailor that item (or order more than one) on the next page. If you like salad with the dressing on the side, no problem. Allergic to onions? There’s a place to denote that too. Tailor your order exactly as you wish, then add it to your bag and proceed to check out. Easy, peasy, Japaneasy (you’ll find sushi too).

Once your order is finished and you’ve paid, you'll enter your email address and the Seamless team will send you a confirmation. Voilà, your food is on the way.

Didn’t find a restaurant you like or know that there are more options than Seamless reports? The app gives you plenty of chances to add a restaurant of your choice, so even if the app doesn’t have the spot when you start, you can add it and Seamless will perform quick updates.

The best part about this app? You can now dump your entire drawer full of stained, creased menus into the recycling bin.

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