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Seesmic and its raccoon mascot offer decent features for Twitter and Facebook fans, though Twitter takes the front seat in this social app.

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Once you figure out a way to pronounce it, Seesmic is a decent all-in-one social-media control-panel app.

Well, not quite all in one, but it at least covers the big boys: Facebook and Twitter. Once you link your various Twitter and Facebook accounts to Seesmic, you can catch all of your feeds in one place and update posts on the network of your choosing through the app.

Using Seemic, it becomes quickly apparent that this is a Twitter client, first and foremost. The Facebook updates, along with commenting and liking, work just fine, but they look like Facebook content stuffed into a Twitter workflow. Photos are too tiny for our taste, and the line breaks between posts are nearly invisible.

On the plus side, Seemic works. It’s easy to use and the updates are fast and accurate. It also shows the number of retweets on tweets, which will give you some extra Twitter insight. Twitter itself caps out at “50+” which is a pretty small number if the tweeter is in the realm of millions of followers.

A new sister app, Seesmic Ping, broadens the scope of places you can post to with LinkedIn and Tumblr integration. However, Ping is a post-only app. You can’t see or combine feeds. Our guess is that incorporating these other social networks into Seesmic can't be far behind. In the meantime, we’ll be searching for someone who actually posts the same content to LinkedIn as they do to Facebook.

Seesmic could use some customization options (hope you like red and white color schemes), but it doesn’t look so bad that you can’t read it, unlike some competitors (namely, TweetDeck). It would also be nice to have the option to combine your various feeds into one large MEGA feed, but Seesmic will only allow you to switch between them.

Since it’s free, we say give Seesmic (sees-mik?) a try. We think that’s how you say it, anyway.

Reviewed: May 29, 2012 |

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