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Shazam isn't just a handy app for identifying songs. Lovers of this name-that-tune app can also see song lyrics (karaoke anyone?) and recognize ads.

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Ever hear a familiar song and struggle for the rest of the day to figure out the title or who sings it? Or, you’re listening to the radio and want to know the artist belting out a new tune you totally dig? Shazam has your back: Fire it up and tap the tag button (we like to think of it as a name-that-tune button), and Shazam will use your phone’s microphone to listen to the song and check it against its online database. In as little as one second, Shazam identifies the track and the artist for you.

Even better: You can go straight to iTunes to buy the song, watch YouTube videos, or read information about the band (and upcoming concerts!), the track and the album. And you can easily transition over to Spotify or Rdio to give the song another listen. If you have an account through either service, add the songs that you’ve Shazamed to your playlists!

Shazam’s LyricPlay is also available with the free Shazam download. LyricPlay is like having a karaoke player right on your device. Once the app recognizes the tune you’re listening to, tap the LyricPlay icon, turn your phone sideways, and read the song’s words to sing along.

If you’re curious about which songs other people around the world are tagging with Shazam, tap the Explore tab. Share your GPS location to check out interactive maps with lists of the top 20 songs by city. Sample the music tagged by others in the Pulse discovery tab—which includes real-time top charts for music and TV, and a chart of the most Shazamed songs in the USA and other countries. If you hear something you like, you can add it to your tagged list. Sync your Facebook profile to access the News tab to see what your friends have been listening to and share your own discoveries.

Shazam is unarguably known for its music features, but with Shazam for TV, it’s increasingly noted for its advertising partnerships; companies ranging from Honda to Disney Parks to General Electric have made their ad campaigns or commercials “Shazamable.” This means that ordinary people like us can watch a commercial, Shazam it, and have a “second screen experience” that gives viewers a chance to see anything from the brand’s special promotions or giveaways to additional footage from the commercial.

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