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Shopkick is one of the highest-rated shopping apps for a reason. Simply walk into a store and earn "kicks" that translate into real rewards later.

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Shopkick is one of the best shopping apps, in our humble opinion. It works by luring shoppers into stores in order to earn rewards, called “kicks,” from store gift cards to lattés.

To earn kicks, all you have to do is walk into the store that is offering kicks at that time. Shopkick partners range from Crate & Barrel to Old Navy. When you walk into a store, your phone’s GPS location signals to shopkick that you are eligible for your kicks.

Upon first opening the app, shopkick found our location easily and quickly showed us the number of retailers nearby, including those with special offers and kicks, which can be redeemed for rewards. (American Eagle may offer you 25 kicks, while Macy’s may offer 100 kicks for a walk-in—these amounts vary.) When you’ve racked up enough kicks, you can redeem a reward. Rewards range from a 100-kick American Red Cross charity donation to over a one million–kick Vespa.

The great thing about shopkick is that you don’t need to buy things in stores in order to redeem points. All you have to do is walk in, and we all do a little browsing at some point.

Another cool feature: You can redeem even more kicks by browsing stores’ products at home. Just click on a store image that appears on the shopkick homepage, then swipe through the featured products from a retailer. Save a product to your “look book,” and this will grant you additional kicks. Seriously, it’s as easy as that.

Name one good reason why you wouldn’t want to use shopkick. Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Reviewed: Dec 12, 2012 |

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