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SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder

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You may not agree with all of the sit vs. squat ratings, but with 95,000 public bathrooms worldwide, you'll certainly have a place to go.

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You’re out and about and suddenly, urgently have to use the bathroom — but where do you go? More often than not, you don’t know what’s nearby or what’s reasonably clean. Unless you’ve downloaded the SitOrSquat app. This so-called wiki app is powered by user-generated reviews of 99,776 public restrooms across the nation.

While the app is easy to use because it only has two features, searching “My Location” or “Search,” the reviews vary greatly, from no comments to one-word descriptions of “dirty.” Some gave information about wireless hotspots, while others told of baby stations and numbers of stalls. Aside from that, we also found that apparently many SitOrSquat reviewers frequent Starbucks, and few had nice things to say about any of its bathrooms. Unfortunately, user-generated comments tend to skew to the extremes, and we found a couple of bathrooms that were not as bad as reviewers said. The best takeaways from the app are that it does give public restroom geography (all are plotted on a map), and it does have some information about baby-changing stations, which could be helpful to traveling parents.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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