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Sky Burger

By NimbleBit LLC


It’s raining burgers! As burger ingredients fall from the sky in this free iPhone game app, it’s your job to create burgers made to order. Catch the right ingredients and earn more tips as your stacks grow taller. But be careful! Add the wrong combination to your order and lose money.

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Become the ultimate burger creator with Sky Burger. Get to work stacking burgers by catching the right ingredients as they fall from the sky. Tilt your iPhone left and right to catch meat patties, pickles, cheese, tomatoes and other delicious delicacies. Don’t forget that sesame seed top bun when you’re done to complete the order, but be sure not to catch it too early or your order fails in this burger game.

With over 50 unique burger orders to build in this free game app for iPhone, each burger type grows taller and taller with the more correct orders you complete. The challenge here is to be careful, as your burger stack starts to sway the higher it gets.

Each burger has a set price, but you can earn tips with each correct ingredient you catch atop your burger bun. Catch the wrong ingredient and you’ll see your tip lowered. Successfully build enough burgers in a row, and you have a chance to build the unlimited Sky Burger to raise your profits.

You can work your way up the Sky Burger corporate ladder as you earn cash and tips for each burger you create, plus you can grow your business with managerial promotions and more expensive burger combinations. You can even check out your career stats and see how you stack up to other game-playing employees in the Sky Burger company.

This game app is simple to play, yet fun for all ages. With brightly colored graphics, quirky sound effects, delightful diner music and endless burger possibilities, you’ll find yourself striving for that last lettuce leaf or onion slice as you dodge flying burger buns.

Who knew assembling burgers could be so entertaining?

Reviewed: Jan 31, 2012 |