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Slices is a must-have Twitter client for social-media buffs. It has more bells and whistles than any other Twitter app we’ve reviewed, including the abilities to view Live Event streams and “slice” Twitter timelines to organize tweets.

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Maybe you like the design of Tweetbot and the handy organizational tools offered in TweetCaster. Or maybe you like the desktop component of TweetDeck and the dependability of the official Twitter mobile app. The list of favs can go on when it comes to Twitter apps.

But the brand spankin’ new Slices app from OneLouder incorporates all of your must-haves into one sleek-looking Twitter client for Android, iPhone and for the web. What kind of bells and whistles are we talking? For one, Slices has tools to make “Twittering” more interesting. As OneLouder President Evan Conway said in a press release, “Slices brings content discovery to the forefront.” In this way, the app is also designed for beginner Twitter users who sometimes feel that the social network’s massive amount of followers and tweets can be overwhelming. (Reference our in-depth interview with Conway, who hints to this quality.)

To start discovering tweets and Twitter users, head to the Explore icon in the app’s navigation, which is denoted by a walking man. Tap on it, and the Twitter world is at your fingertips.

Explore is set up similar to OneLouder’s ChannelCaster app, where 21 main categories rotate at the top of the screen. Below a main category are three tabs: Categories, Featured and All.

Say you want to explore the Science & Tech main category. Under Categories, you can browse Tech Influencers, Science, Tech Companies and more—each taking you to a list of related Twitter handles (Slices picks who gets listed). The Featured tab lists out notable Twitter handles within the Science & Tech category, and the All tab highlights, well, all of the Science & Tech Twitter handles.

Click on any Twitter handle you’re interested in and you’ll see the tweeter’s newsfeed. If you click on the arrow icon to the right of the tweeter’s handle, you get even more info: Lists that the Twitter account is featured on, a biography about the person or company, tweets, favorites and mentions.

Also in the Explore section is another exclusive Twitter feature from Slices: Live Events. Click on this category to follow real-time events on Twitter, like the 2012 Summer Games list or the Deadliest Catch list.

Thankfully, all of this seemingly overwhelming content is organized into lists that are easy to navigate. The only downside we see is that you can say goodbye to being productive—you’ll soon be addicted.

The “Slices” aspect of this app involves organizing your own Twitter newsfeed by topic (or by whatever name you want to give your Slice). Think of them as folders that keep information more manageable, or your own categorized mini-feeds. The app starts you out with some Slices when you sign up (based on the accounts you follow), but you can easily add more or edit the Slices.

In addition to the Android and iPhone apps, Slices has a web component,, that automatically syncs to the mobile component. Use the mobile app at the mall and pick up where you left off on your computer at home (another feature Conway hinted to during our interview). When you share a tweet or a Slice, your messages will include a link to

Overall, you’ll enjoy Slices’ design and user interface. It’s bright, clean and intuitive. Slices offers more features to boost your Twitter experience too, but we’ll resist writing a textbook-length app review. Just download the free app and prepare to be a Twitter addict.

Reviewed: Aug 02, 2012 |

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