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If you want to save yourself a trip to the hardware store, not to mention some serious cash, download Smart Tools. This Android app helps you measure angles, widths, heights and even sound.

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We know that you use your phone to text your friends, check your email and stalk people on your favorite social network, but did you know that you can also use your phone to measure angles, widths, heights, and sound? Smart Tools is an Android app from Android Boy, equipped with 15 different tools for everyday tasks and crafting projects alike.

The app’s home screen is nicely arranged into five different sets of tools: length and angles, distance, light, compass and sound, and vibration. Smart Tools also provides several different customizable settings to make your experience with the app more personal to your needs. Additionally, you can calibrate each of the tools to make your measurements as accurate as possible.

Under length and angle, Smart Tools offers several different measuring tools, including two different protractors, a ruler, a level and a thread pitch. To measure an angle, you can either tap on the screen or move your phone from side to side until you find the angle you want. To measure a level, the phone responds to movements. Just make sure the small ball is in the center of the screen.

The distance tool set is great for judging long distances rather than just eyeballing it. If you like to go fishing or hunting, this app is a great alternative to those pricey rangefinders.

The compass tool, when held flat, generates your standard flat compass. Hold your phone up, and you get a compass with all of your coordinates in whichever direction your camera is pointing. If you happen to be lost at Universal Studios and want to alert your family of your exact location, for instance, you can email your coordinates by tapping on the mail icon in the corner of the screen.

The compass tool set not only contains a compass, but a metal detector too. Time to take that trip to the beach.

Transform your Android phone’s screen into an LED light with the light tool set. It’s a handy little function to use for reading menus in those swanky-but-dark restaurants.

Lastly, we have the sound and vibration tool set. This tool detects that vibrations coming from a sound or voice. The phone shows you the wavelengths being made from environmental noise, and it allows you to switch to a statistics screen that lets you see the results in a line-graph format. Switch over to the sound-meter format, which looks more like a speed gauge on a car, and it will measure sounds in decibels. Why not find out just how loud your world is?

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