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SNOCRU is way more than just snow reports. Of all the skiing and snowboarding apps out there, this downhill geo-location tool is a good one to download.

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SNOCRU is like a blend of Foursquare, Google Places and Facebook, but taken to the slopes. And while powder enthusiasts in Colorado can use a similar app—Vail Resorts’ EpicMix—SNOCRU works at ski resorts across the globe, and it’s a free app.

This location-based skiing and snowboarding app transforms the mountain experience from the chairlift-to-downhill routine to a social meet-up phenomenon. Create a SNOCRU profile in order to form a “CRU,” as in a crew of friends (get it?). Fill in basic stats for your profile—your goggle and board brand names, gender and skill level, etc.—and decide what information you want visible to all SNOCRU members versus just your own CRU (like Facebook’s privacy features). SNOCRU users can also earn badges (the Dawn Patrol badge, for example, is earned by checking into a ski resort before 7 a.m. at least ten times in a 90-day period), and users can view the badges that other CRU members earn.

As you’re heading up the mountain for an epic downhill ride, the app shows you which SNOCRU members are at the same mountain or resort. Set a status, check in to a location and exchange messages with CRU members. If you’re riding solo at a resort, seeing other SNOCRU skiing and snowboarding members nearby allows you to visit a popular spot and meet new people.

Aside from the social aspects of SNOCRU, the free app displays information for more than 1,500 ski resorts around the world, such as weather conditions, snow reports and inches of snowfall in the past 24 to 72 hours, the current number of SNOCRU members at the location, acreage, mountain elevation, trail maps and webcams. Whether you’re on the chairlift or bombing downhill, the app’s tracking feature can measure your ascent/descent in feet, speed, slope, distance and more, all in real time. Legit.

SNOCRU even serves as your location finder around town, pinpointing everything from gas stations and hospitals to warm bars and cafés—much needed spots after a day shredding powder. Given its numerous useful features, we’re thinking it’s definitely worth a free download from the iTunes App Store and Android Market. Skiing and snowboarding have now entered a whole new elevation!

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