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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is the popular cast member of MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore. Now, she adds app developer to her repertoire, as she teams up with Apps Genius to bring millions of Jersey Shore fans Snookify Me, a photo-editing app.

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Do you like the Jersey Shore? Gym, tans and laundry? Blowouts and bedazzles? Then you may like this app.

Snookify Me gains its inspiration from Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, cast member and star of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. The New Jersey princess now shares her infamous look of cleavage, hair poofs, tans and bling with her fans through this photo-editing app.

The prime time to whip out this photo app is while you’re shamelessly watching the Jersey Shore antics. You can choose to start with someone’s photo from your camera roll, or take a new picture of your friend. It’s best to choose a photo showing a person from the waist up.

You can then add a variety of Jerseylicious effects to transform (aka “Snookify”) your subject into a Snooki lookalike. Give the person a tan. Choose a hairdo (like Snooki’s notorious “poof” with a side ponytail).  Pick a hat (we recommend the brimmed leopard print), and/or add a pair of large-and-in-charge sunglasses. You can also add jewelry to your person’s pic (including diamond dangly earrings and a blinged-out “LOVE” necklace). Lastly, select from the “clothes” section, which offers an array of low-necked, high cut dresses.

When you’re completely finished Snookifying your friend, dog or family member, save the pic to your phone, email the image or expose your victim to your Facebook community. You can also upload the photo to the public Snooki Gallery, where you can browse images of other Snooki’s.

In our opinion, you’ve got to be a serious Snooki fanatic or Jersey Shore junkie to invest in the app. At a whopping $1.99, it’s an expensive joke, but if you feel the need to publicly Snookify someone in a hurry, this is probably the quickest way to do it. 

Reviewed: Jan 26, 2012 |