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SOS Link is cool, but it's also a highly specialized app — possibly the kind of app you get and then rarely use.

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The handy thing about a cell phone is that it’s always with you. With SOS Link, you can exploit the connectivity of your phone, along with its camera capabilities, in situations that are potentially dangerous. The makers of SOS Link seem to be thinking of situations like blind dates where a person could be in harm’s way (hmm, must be a story there). They believe that photographic evidence can go a long way toward preventing a crime. That’s what SOS Link is good for: gathering evidence in an emergency.

The app works with your phone’s camera and Internet connection to quickly connect you with people you designate by email. After setting up who you want the app to email when you first open it, you’re given a big button on the screen. Hit it and your phone quickly snaps 30 photos in the space of about a minute, and then sends them to your designated email addresses. It’s the kind of tool Jack Bauer might use to catch terrorists on TV’s 24.

The free price tag on SOS Link gives it legs, but this seems like a highly specialized app to us. If you can think of a practical use for it (we couldn’t), then pick it up since it doesn’t cost anything. But don’t expect SOS Link to be the first button you hit in a real emergency. 

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |