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Want a fast, easy and quick way to control your email any way you want with a simple finger swipe? If so, Sparrow is singing your song.

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For those of you that have trouble managing your email account (or accounts), Sparrow may be the little birdie that brings you a better way.

There’s nothing easier on a smartphone touch screen than swiping something with your finger. You can navigate through home screens, play games, prioritize to-do lists and even find your way on a map. Sparrow, a desktop app that’s now offered on iPhone, uses this modern swipe functionality to make your emailing experience awesome.

Sparrow works great with Gmail, and it’s also compatible with Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL. The app also syncs to social accounts, offering cool features like incorporating your friends’ faces on their emails to you.

When you launch Sparrow, your first screen sorts your mail into the expected categories: Sent Mail, Drafts, Trash, All Mail and Spam. On the bottom of the screen, you can sort by labels: Personal, Receipts, Travel and Work. Each is color-coded, and if you haven’t done this prior, then Sparrow just provided you with another helpful tool.

Overall, the design of Sparrow looks to have taken a tidbit of inspiration from Facebook and Twitter—your general navigation is a slide-out feature to the left of your screen, and you’re met with a long, continuous stream of emails. Sounds complex, but it’s quite easy.

Another Twitter-like functionality element: Using your finger, you can swipe over an individual email from your inbox, and without opening the email, Sparrow will produce a row of icons that represent the common email actions: reply, star, tag, sort or delete.

One of Sparrow’s most-loved features is the way it allows you to read and reply to threaded emails. If multiple people have responded to an email, Sparrow will list the consecutive messages from the respondents, letting you swipe up and down to read different people’s messages or the whole chain at once.

Though Sparrow doesn’t yet offer cool font options (bolding, coloring, etc.), it does let you easily attach files to your emails. It even lets you take a photo from within the app or select a photo (or photos) from your library. Other neat abilities: Easily toggle between the account you’re sending an email from; hold up to 1000 emails; and quickly mark all of your emails read with just one tap.

Currently, the biggest drawbacks to Sparrow are its lack of push notifications and its incompatibility with email services like Entourage. Given that the app is still in its infancy, though (it launched March 2012), we email addicts look forward to the future updates it may bring.  

Reviewed: Jun 26, 2012 |

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