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Speaktoit Assistant

By Speaktoit Inc.


Speaktoit is a virtual-assistant app that helps make your mobile life a little bit easier, from composing texts to looking up your travel destination. Let your customized Speaktoit avatar do the work for you.

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If the only reason you crave a new iPhone is because of Siri, give Speaktoit a try. Speaktoit Assistant is a popular virtual-assistant app that was initially created for Android devices, and now it’s compatible with iOS and Windows devices, too. Since navigating your smartphone can be a nuisance (even a hazard) when you’re in a hurry, Speaktoit’s goal is to make you more efficient in your daily routine.

Similar to Apple's Siri, Speaktoit allows you to use natural language when talking to your assistant, so you can speak or type normally into your phone. It has the ability to answer questions and hold conversations, find information, launch apps, and connect you with various web services. You can use Speaktoit to get maps, search for news and images, look up weather reports (it doesn’t just launch your weather app—Speaktoit actually says the temperature), convert currency and measurements, send email, and more.

Unlike Siri, though, Speaktoit’s unique feature is that you get to choose your own personal-assistant avatar. There are a wide variety of personalities available, from a spunky young woman to a wise professor. The creators of Speaktoit believe that this feature gives the app a more personal feel than Siri, whose voice is exclusively female (not to mention faceless).

A few of Speaktoit’s additional features include The Daily Brief, which speaks a rundown of your daily schedule to you, and its integration with third-party apps including Evernote, TripAdvisor, and foursquare. It also syncs with your device’s calendar.

Speaktoit caters to not only English speakers, but to Spanish and Russian speakers as well. (The Russian startup company Speaktoit, lead by Ilya Gelfenbeyn, launched the app in 2011 around the time of Siri’s debut.)

Although Speaktoit has recently been made available to Apple and Windows devices, it's most compatible with Android devices. Some features are limited on non-Android devices, which is one of its drawbacks. While the Speaktoit team is working to improve these glitches, Speaktoit is still (for a buck) a cool, useful app worth the download. Plus, now you have an avatar to keep you company.

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