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By Zach Gage


SpellTower is an addictive word game for iPhone that will have you hooked in no time at all.

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Word game apps: There would literally be a ton of them if apps had weight. From Words With Friends to Scrabble, they run the gamut from passive to active, colorful to straightforward. But very few are as fun to play as SpellTower.

When you open the app, SpellTower requires you take a tutorial. It’s worth it, as you’ll need some help on how to play the game.

The tutorial shows you how you to connect words inside the tower to score points. Diagonally, straight across, up, down, using various linkages and navigating roadblocks, you’ll quickly get the hang of how the tower works and in which ways you’ll be able to score points.

Our suggestion: Start easy. Go to Tower mode and get the hang of the game. Once you feel comfortable with the functionality (easy) and design (fun), your inner dictionary will get to work. Words will pop out of the tower left and right, and your goal is to make one word so you can create and score better on another. When you can’t make any more words, you’re done, and the game starts over.

After you feel comfortable playing Tower mode, try Puzzle mode. The skills you mastered in Tower mode will help here, as every time you make a word in Puzzle mode, the lines click up a notch, and the pressure builds. If the letters get to the top, the game is over.

And when you’ve mastered Puzzle mode, try Rush mode. Rows add over time, so think fast; you’ll need to use every bit of skill you can muster to do well in Rush mode. The more words you spell, the faster the rows will add.

There’s also some locked puzzles that will unlock once you score well enough or play enough games.

Like any good word game, SpellTower sucks you in and keeps you interested. Like any great word game, you’ll become addicted and completely lose track of time. That's why our Best Apps of 2012 list wouldn't be complete without it. And at $1.99, it’s a bargain (FYI—that word is worth serious points).

Reviewed: Jan 02, 2013 |

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