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Not only is Splice a video-editing app worth having, but you’ll find your movies and videos will be worth sharing.

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Okay, you’ve downloaded the Splice app. You might be daunted, thinking this could take up tons of your time, or you won’t comprehend how to use it, or you’ve just shoved all of your photos and videos into a Cuisinart. Fear not, young filmmaker; this app is one of the easiest and coolest editing apps around.

Our first tip to you: Watch the introductory video. It’s informative, short (a minute and 45 seconds) and sets you halfway down the road to creating your own movies. Kudos to the developers at Path 36 for their expediency.

After that, using Splice is a breeze. So easy, in fact, that we at The Recapp made a movie within four minutes of opening the app.

Splice functions in widescreen, so turn your device to its side and you’re ready to go. Click the plus button on the top right-hand side of your screen and name your project. One you’ve assigned it a name (not the title—that’s coming), you vault into the Project Settings page.

Here you can choose between high definition and standard definition (SD is better for small devices), as well as which of the eight different borders you would like. You can also select your POV (landscape or portrait) and choose your transitions: crossfade, slide left, fall, grow or shrink. Every step helps you in creating the overall look of your movie.

Now the fun begins. Click on the Video tab and you can select images and clips from your device. You can also select from Splice’s photo library or combine the two.

Now that you have your video timelines down, it’s time to select audio. This is where Splice truly excels. Some video-editing apps offer a default for the audio placement, but not Splice. You can choose a song from your device library, then place it anywhere in the movie you would like. Need it to come in after Grandma burps? No problem. Want it to crescendo when little Beck makes her free throws? Done. Splice is the only video-editing app we’ve tested so far that has this capability.

Now you can title your film and preview it. Use this step to alter your movie if there’s something you want to change or if there’s something you don’t like. Application is simple and pretty darn fun.

Then you export and save it on your device and share it with friends online. Done.

Reviewed: Aug 21, 2012 |

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