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Search and join trending sports conversations with this tweet-aggregating Android app.

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Skip the post-game show. Watching two men in suits sitting behind a news desk is anything but captivating. What’s the alternative? Sports commentary from the sources themselves scattered across the country—all in one place.

This sports app stands by a simple philosophy: there’s more to sports than just stats and figures. In today’s age, sports are social—from rooting your team to finals and dissing strangers in the streets for wearing an opponent’s hat (not like we ever do that) to discussing the fairness of a referee’s call and sharing statistics to bet on a game’s winner. SportCaster, from the developers of TweetCaster, accumulates all the sports commentary, opinions, analysis and basic figures—mostly in the form of tweets.

The app’s tweet-free sections consist of Schedules and Standings. The latter displays teams’ wins, losses and ranks within the leagues. View Standings by the top four teams, or click on a league to view all team rankings.

But remember, you want the app because of the tweets. With a simple tap of the Conversation button on the app’s homepage, you’re presented with up-to-the-second tweets about sports. Check out the spectrum of topics: @MimisBraids tweets, “Just got finished retwisting #EllisLanksters hair and he got me tickets to the #bills #jets game holla,” while the more serious @ProFootballTalk tweets, “All in-season walkout would be costly for Forte.” If these tweets are too sporadic for you, manage tweet topics in your settings. Select from NFL News, MLB Postseason News, tweets from your team’s sports fans and more—or by filtering tweets by keywords.

The app’s Scores section is thankfully a little less complicated. It shows teams’ schedules, including info such as their league and game times. If you click on a game, the app produces tweets related to that match-up. The last section of the app aggregates tweets related to NFL fantasy football news. And coming soon—a customized filter for this section to view fantasy football tweets only regarding your team of choice.

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