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Sporting News: NCAAB

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Sporting News: NCAA Basketball is a customizable app already tailored to the NCAA basketball arena. You’ll find basic information that you want quickly, and you won’t have to wade through pages of other sports news to get it.

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The App Store and Google Play are, unsurprisingly, chock-full of sports apps. And there are some very good ones—whether you’re an obsessive fan of nine different sports and need to sustain yourself with news and scores, or you simply want a safety net in the event that you need to know a score or a kickoff time. The Sporting News suite of apps takes a unique approach: Each sport gets its own app.

Other than a few other big games of the year, there is perhaps no sporting event that takes over the collective sports-fan consciousness each year like the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament. For as many times as you will conceivably check your phone for the latest scores to monitor your bracket, why bother to wade through other leagues and their news? Just download an app that gives you specific NCAA basketball information: this app.

Sure, other sports apps offer customization too, but Sporting News is the only one that guarantees a noise-free experience. News and scores for individual teams and leagues are easily accessible, as are rosters, which get buried or cut from some other top apps. Exclusive video content also streams right from the app (though not the games themselves), and the app also provides a Twitter stream of related tweets. Probably the area you’ll brood over most will be the Standings chart that lists teams’ wins and losses, as well as polls.

Sporting News: NCAA Basketball won’t help you win your bracket, but it might help you stay obsessively alert as to how badly you’re losing.

Reviewed: Mar 19, 2012 |

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