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While not a home run, SportsTap wins big when it comes to league info.

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As the name suggests, SportsTap aims to give you access to sports news and information primarily by tapping. Menus are kept to a minimum, and you’re encouraged to navigate by tapping from scores to stories and back again. It’s a pleasant way to cut your way through what can be a tangled forest of up-to-date information.

There are menus, of course, but here they’re less of a requirement. They’ll allow you to navigate even more quickly and to manage what are presumably one-time-only preferences: sounds, favorite teams and the other notifications that have become the bare minimum requirements for sports apps. What separates SportsTap from the rest, however, are its well-designed league pages. Whether you’re here for scores, news or fantasy updates, you can get what you need at a glance, or — that’s right — tap whatever catches your eye for more comprehensive intel.

The app is quick and bug-free, but we found a few unfortunate programming holes. Photo galleries (which are also slick) invited us to “swipe” through them, but the feature was difficult to pull off on an Android. And a paid-version option would actually be nice to do away with the banner ads across the top of the screen. No matter: SportsTap won us back with access to more international futbol leagues than we’ve seen in any other app.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |