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The Spotify app changes the future of music downloading, listening and sharing. Put simply, it’s one of the best new music apps.

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Spotify is a glorious combination of Pandora and iTunes, a modern-day Columbia House, and probably our future means of music listening and sharing. Let’s just say, this review is only a brief peek into the wonderful world of Spotify. Once you’ve read it and feel giddy with music-listening excitement (and you will), go download the music app and discover the too-many-to-list features this mobile app and desktop player has to offer.

First, you should know Spotify’s philosophy. The music hub’s co-founder, Daniel Ek, blogged, “Music is one of the most social things there is.” Connecting with friends through music is one of Spotify’s main draws, thanks to its cozy relationship with Facebook. Nowadays, Facebook users will notice the Music tab to the left of their homepage. Spotify dominates this area.

When you find new music you like, easily post it to Facebook (or Twitter, or even Messenger) and all your friends can see what you’re jamming to. Then they can partake in the fun, too, simply by clicking on the song. It plays right there, for free, with no pop-ups. Then they can resume their Facebook stalking.

That’s part of Ek’s philosophy, too: People should have access to free music (to a certain extent). In order to rid society of piracy (thank you, Napster), Spotify offers unlimited access to more than 15 million tracks. In addition, users can listen to their playlists with no Internet access and no ads—all for only $9.99 a month. Meet Spotify Premium.

Whether you like it or not, having access to a truly good music database means it’ll cost ya. But compare the $9.99 price tag to, say, only 10 purchased songs from iTunes, and you easily recognize the better deal (but we still love you, iTunes). You can also choose the Spotify Unlimited package for $4.99—good for unlimited music streaming, sans ads.

We can’t list them all, but here are some Spotify features that we loved. You don’t have to wait for a song to download—the songs are offered in real time. You can search new hits or 25-plus radio stations, then easily add any of these songs to a playlist (and each playlist can hold up to 10,000 tracks). You can send messages with recommended songs to other Spotify users. And, even if you have the free version of Spotify, you can search for tracks and sync your music files on the go.

Be warned: it can be a little intimidating to navigate the user interface at first, due to the fact that Spotify’s desktop application seems a bit text-heavy. It takes a couple of attempts at finding songs to learn your way around.

Really, though, you’re going to purchase Spotify Premium. We just know it. Especially after the free, two-day trial you get when you download the free app. Yeah, it’s just that addictive. 

Reviewed: Oct 24, 2011 |

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