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If you’re a pack rat of information, Springpad will help you organize it all in a more meaningful way. And between the app, website and browser extension, that means you can collect even more.

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While Evernote rightfully receives a majority of the attention among organization apps, Springpad offers a solid alternative to gather all that you have clipped. And with its update to Springpad 3.0, the app boasts a Pinterest-like feel with attractive layouts and an engaging social experience.

The free Springpad app and the Springpad website allow you to create notes, tasks, checklists and audio files, save images and bar codes or clip webpages. Each item can be tagged and organized into notebooks, so you can keep work separated from home, or room renovation ideas apart from your vacation plans. With Springpad 3.0, the notebooks are organized in a clean, intuitive interface, and you can even customize your notebooks’ designs.

As far as what gets added to a notebook, that can be anything from a recipe found on a website that you “spring” (or save to your notebook) to a grocery list. The new “Smart Bar” is wise enough to accurately categorize anything you enter. If you want to create an entry with must-see movies, Springpad will have no problem locating the movie on the Internet. If you’re adding a note, “Bake cookies for Saturday’s book club,” it’ll quickly be labeled as a task or an event (with timed notifications) and added to the appropriate board. And if you’re using the Springpad Android or iPhone app, you can easily upload things like audio recordings, places nearby and barcodes from products you see in stores.

Where Springpad gets pretty cool is its boards, which take the list look away from your content and let you visually organize it all. They work like a virtual corkboard: Either create a new piece of content or add an existing one to the board. You can then move and manipulate (such as enlarging an image) the content on the page.

We took images from an online furniture store, added them to a board along with notes, and we quickly had a few options for redesigning a bedroom. Or you could loosely visualize the flow of an important work presentation or even a school science project.

All your Springpad content stores in the cloud, so you can sync with multiple devices or the Springpad website. We also use the Spring It! bookmark for a quick way to save while we surf.

Another useful tool on Springpad is its Explore section. Like Pinterest, Springpad boards can now be made public, which means you can browse other boards (Springpad features the most popular boards across a variety of interests) either for inspiration or out of pure boredom. See something you like? Just “spring” it to your own notebook.

You can also make a notebook private or invite select friends to contribute to it. Springpad is a great tool to keep track of a collaboration project at work, your favorite recipes and more.

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