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Square Register

By Square, Inc


With its slick design and well-thought-out functionality, Square Register is revolutionizing the way small businesses accept payment.

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Square Register is revolutionizing the way small businesses operate by allowing merchants to accept credit cards using their Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

When you sign up, Square mails you a free pocket-sized card reader that plugs into your device’s headphone jack — and then you’re ready to swipe and accept payments, which securely transfer into your bank account within 24 hours (amounts over $1,000 experience a delay of deposit). There’s no contract, monthly fee or separate merchant account needed to use Square.

Established stores can get in on the action, too. Using Square, they can ditch their clunky credit card machines (with their high processing fees) and upgrade to the app’s low fee of 2.75 percent of every transaction, no matter the amount or card (take that, AmEx!). Freelancers in every industry and anyone looking to increase sales on the go need Square so they can begin collecting payments in both cash and credit form. After all, in this economy, you need to accept money wherever and however you can, right?

Square’s slick design makes every step of the transaction clean and convenient. It allows on-screen signatures, email or text message receipts and downloadable reports that track sales, trends and inventory.

Even non-entrepreneurs can enjoy Square: The app makes those huge separate checks at dinners out easier, and IOUs can be handled without a trip to the ATM.

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