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Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes

By Kansas City Steak Co.


Wow. Wait, let us rephrase. WOW. We at The Recapp loooooove to grill out. But we’re not sure how we ever managed without this cooking app, Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes by Kansas City Steak Co.

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Cooking food over a flame seems simple enough, but how many times have you had a chargrilled hockey puck when you wanted a rare filet mignon? If this has happened to you even once, then that’s too many. And you can change all that with Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes by Kansas City Steak Co. (or as we like to call it for the sake of convenience, Steak Timer).

At the bottom of the home screen, you’ll see a BBQ grill with hot coals beckoning you to work their magic. Simply choose Add Steak. Then, add the name of the person that’s going to be eating the grilled meat, and select your meat choice: strip steak, top sirloin, ribeye, porterhouse, T-bone or filet mignon. There’s even a description at the bottom for each cut, in case you’re not sure which is which.

Once you select the cut, the next option is thickness. There’s a scrolling meter and a measuring stick on the side. Just measure the steak and lock it in. Easy enough.

Next, you can select your cooking preference: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well (each with their own descriptions too). However, if you select medium well or well, Steak Timer will offer you a warning. They believe that if you want to cook a steak medium well or well, go with medium and alter accordingly, since meat tends to cook even after it’s taken off the grill.

Finally, you’ll indicate whether you’re cooking on a gas or charcoal grill or cooking indoors. Once you’re done adding your steak entry, it will be neatly labeled within the app. Just press Start Timer and begin grillin’!

Steak Timer will tell you when to flip each cut, when to sear it, when to cook regular and when to remove from heat. Each of your entries is color coded, so you can see clearly what to do with all cuts of meat at all times. Brilliant.

We can think of only two words that perfectly describe Steak Timer: Bon appétit.

Reviewed: Jun 04, 2012 |

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