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Stitcher Radio

By Stitcher, Inc.


Stitcher Radio is an app that lets you listen to your news in a variety of categories, and if you can't find it on the menu, now you can search for it.

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Who has the time to read their news anymore? Life in the 21st Century is about using your time wisely. In that vein, say hello to Stitcher Radio. This app allows you to listen to your news as you do just about anything else—on demand, however and whenever you'd like. That alone makes Stitcher Radio valuable. But Stitcher Radio is truly so much more.

Need to check up on University of Louisville athletics? Just type in "Louisville Cardinals" and you can tune in to a Louisville athletics podcast. Want to know what the weather will be like in New York City in a week? Key in "New York weather" and several regional weather broadcasts are available to you. From general to specific, broad to narrow, current to dated, the search function is key. No more wading through 22 minutes of irrelevant news to get to what you want. Stitcher Radio gives it to you right away.

Another cool fucntion: You can listen to as much or as little of a story as you like, navigate away from it and return to the exact spot you left at a later time. Like DirectTV, you completely control the broadcast. You can even rewind, play at 1.5- or 2-time speed, pause, and fast forward. The tool bar at the bottom also allows you to add the channel to your favorites list, give it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down or skip to the next story. It's fully functional and fully customizable.

There are more than 15,000 different news sources on Stitcher Radio, so if you can't find something you like, you might not like news at all. This app is thorough. So download Stitcher Radio and get the news the way you want it, when you want it, and how you want it. And do it all for free. Now, that's good news. (Free for Android and iOS)

Reviewed: Mar 01, 2013 |