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Subway Surfers

By Kiloo Games


Subway Surfing is one of the running games without a finish line. Defy death by avoiding obstacles in an urban environment, and complete missions along the way.

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Subway Surfers doesn’t offer much in the way of a tutorial. It throws you right into a fast-paced New York City environment where you’ll quickly have to learn to jump, duck or dodge obstacles to stay alive.

The cartoon-style game has you constantly running on a set of subway train tracks for as long as you can, collecting points and power-ups along the way, while avoiding obstacles like trains, wooden barricades, light posts and more.

Swipe your finger up to jump, down to duck, and left and right to get out of the way of moving trains or into tunnels. Think Temple Run.

Since you’re a rebel child vandalizing trains, time is of the essence in Subway Surfers. One wrong move, and the security guard is on your tail within seconds. And here’s the catch: There’s no end in the game. Instead of running from point A to point B to pass a level like in traditional running games, Subway Surfers has you run endlessly until you’re dead.

To progress, complete the given three goals, then move on to three more. Completing missions and getting power-ups significantly improves your score.

While Subway Surfers has a modern, trendy pull, it also has great controls and fluid animation, and the graphics are colorful and bright. The characters are attractive, and, overall, the game is quite entertaining and fun.

If you feel like you can defy death on an endless race to the finish line, try Subway Surfers.

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Reviewed: Feb 08, 2013 |

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