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Talking Tom Cat 2

By Outfit 7


Talking Tom Cat 2 offers a fun and interactive game experience, even if you don’t normally like cats. The popular entertainment app is a must-download for kids, and it’s even been praised by the autism community for helping to foster communication skills. In April, the app developers and Tom himself support National Autism Awareness Month by sporting a blue t-shirt for the cause.

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In Talking Tom Cat 2, your virtual cat repeats anything you say in a high-pitched voice while responding to a variety of gestures you perform with your finger on your device’s screen (pet Tom’s head and he purrs, for instance). The original Talking Tom Cat app has received 100 million downloads since its launch in July 2010, making the app the fifth-most-downloaded mobile app of all time and Tom the “world’s most popular cat.”

The second Talking Tom Cat rendition by Outfit7 is enjoying similar popularity, with more than one million downloads in one day when the app launched in late May, according to 148Apps. In it, Tom still repeats what you say in a silly helium-induced voice, purrs when you pet him and gasps when you poke him. But he now also has a new doggy friend, Ben, who makes Tom jump in fright when he pops a paper bag and grab his nose with Ben farts. Ben even hits Tom with a feather-filled pillow.

Most notably, though, Talking Tom Cat 2 lets you choose different outfits for Tom with in-app purchases. And in honor of National Autism Awareness Month, you can download a free blue shirt that says “Autism Speaks: Light it Up Blue.” Talking Tom Cat has been noted by autism-related blogs and websites for effectively catering to children with autism and special needs.

In a January WLS-TV Chicago news story, a mother of a boy with autism explains that Talking Tom Cat is her son’s favorite app. The app helps reinforce an action/consequence sequence and fosters communication among children with autism. Kids enjoy hearing Tom repeat what they say, and they benefit from seeing Tom act in response to their gestures and commands. 

Talking Tom Cat 2 is really meant to share a final production. After making Tom speak, dress up and perform comical acts, you can share your recorded video of Tom on Facebook and YouTube. With high-quality graphics, the videos are often worth watching.

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