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Tan Agent

By Reubro International


Tan Agent is a simple app that gives you information about your skin type when it comes to sun exposure. Snap a picture of your skin and Tan Agent suggests the right (we think) SPF and skin treatment for your epidermis.

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Tan Agent is utterly simple in function and concept. To use, just choose one of the two options. Tap the question mark to learn how to use the app. (Oddly, it asks if you want to know if your skin is "fashionable" or not.) But the reason for our use of Tan Agent has little to do with fashion and more to do with safety and health. Tap the second option, the image of the camera, to proceed with a skin analysis.

Within the Tan Agent app, take a picture of your skin under direct sunlight. (The app suggests that you photograph a vulnerable or easily burned area. Better safe than sorry!) Also make sure that your skin is in focus and fills up the entire oval area that will be analyzed.

Once completed, touch Use and your skin-tan analysis pops up.

Given the fact that we here at The Recapp are largely an indoor lot, most of our samples suggested we liberally use heavy sunscreen and not spend too much time in the sun. But with different skin samples come different analyses. Some tell you that your skin is prone to ingrown hairs and will need lots of exfoliation and lubricant. Some suggest light tanning, yet others say you shouldn’t worry too much about sun exposure.

Overall, we think this app is fairly accurate, according to our limited sampling. But, of course, we won’t deter you from following doctor’s orders when it comes to tanning and sun safety.

Reviewed: Jun 21, 2012 |