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Tango Voice & Video Calls

By Tango


With Tango, you can make calls just by tapping into local Wi-Fi signals. We like the app's polished design, straight-to-the-point layout and easy navigation.

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4/5 Stars
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    3.3/5 Stars
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Tango Voice & Video Calls is a lot like Skype — only better.

Just like Skype, you can make calls just by tapping into local Wi-Fi signals instead of using your phone’s data plan. You also won’t use any phone minutes, meaning that every single call you make is free. Nice, right? What you’ll really appreciate, though, is that the app doesn’t seem to have any annoying video malfunctions, including freezing or jumping, and the people you talk to won’t ever sound like stuttering robots.

One complaint is that the audio can be a bit quiet at times, regardless of how high you have your volume set. The best way to combat this is by plugging in a pair of headphones. Another niggling thing: The app may drain your battery rather quickly, so either keep your conversations short or just keep your smartphone plugged in during calls.

Don’t worry about your phone’s camera: Even if your phone doesn’t have a front-facing one (hello, Android users), you can chat while looking at the faces of your loved ones by using the regular rear-facing camera.

Tango’s design is polished and the layout is straight to the point. The icons speak for themselves, which means that even the most technologically illiterate can use Tango in a snap.

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Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |