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Not so good at whistling? With this free app for iPhone and Android, you no longer have to take a chance at stepping off the sidewalk in busy traffic to hail a cab. With a simple tap on your phone, a cabbie will head your way quick. How’s that for magic?

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No, Taxi Magic isn’t about what goes on in the back seat of a cab after closing time. But this free app for iPhone and Android does have a few tricks up its sleeve to help get you around town.

By entering your city or allowing GPS to find it for you, the app gives you a list of every cab company servicing your location. A simple button press will call any one you’d like. But the real magic of Taxi Magic is the built-in reservation system, which only works with certain cab companies (Yellow Cab, usually). Hit “book,” enter your address and a cab will be dispatched to you ASAP. No magic wand required.

Other than dodging the oft-clogged cab company phone lines, the in-app booking offers some nifty features. When a cab is dispatched to you, the app will display the driver’s name, the distance of the cab and its estimated time of arrival. When it arrives, you’ll still get your standard phone call notification, but you’ll probably be out front already if you’ve been paying attention to your phone.

If these features weren't enough for you, prepare to be amazed: You can also set up to pay directly through the app. At the end of the ride, complete the transaction through Taxi Magic and no money or plastic ever has to change hands. Say goodbye to the days of “my credit card machine is broken” scams. And, if you’d still rather pay with cash, inputting your final destination will estimate the cost so you can make sure you have enough on you.

The only issue we’ve had with the app is that if you do put in your destination, it saves it for the next time you book a cab. Because the cab driver sees the same information, this can be especially strange if you’ve used Taxi Magic while out of town. Your driver is either going to be very disappointed or very relieved that he doesn’t have to take you all the way to San Diego.

Reviewed: Jul 10, 2012 |

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