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Temple Run

By Imangi Studios, LLC


Run from demon-like gorillas in this addicting Indiana Jones-inspired game app.

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“Dr. Jones ... Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.” This, as hopefully you know, is a line from Raiders of the Lost Ark. And the addictive game app Temple Run is like being teleported into Raiders—you start off running and you never stop. The game is easy to understand, the graphics are topnotch, the action is riveting and (surprisingly for an app) the game is captivating. Temple Run had more than 40 million downloads with its iOS app alone, plus 10 million Android downloads in less than a month after its Android release, according to GottaBeMobile.

If you’re not paying attention in the game, then you’re going to die. If you can't properly control the hero, you’re going to die. If you start jumping, sliding or turning when you shouldn’t, you’re going to die. This is exactly the kind of recipe that allows Temple Run to tighten its grip on you and never let go.

Temple Run is one of the best game apps that we’ve ever played on our device. We mentioned that it’s easy to understand, however, it’s not easy to play. This is a major positive, though, considering many of the other games we play on our devices (Angry Birds, Words With Friends) are sometimes too simple. If you don’t master controlling your man in Temple Run, then you can expect some demon-gorilla action coming at you. And that alone keeps you coming back for more.

The graphics in Temple Run are first-rate. From the paths you run on to the cliffs you fall off of, everything about the design of this game works. We especially liked the gorilla creatures, that, once they catch you, maul you (without blood). The action in the game simply does not stop. When you die (and you’re going to die a lot), gameplay doesn’t start over from the beginning. Therefore, Temple Run pulls you in deeper and deeper as you get better at it. The developers at Imangi Studios have also nailed the finger gestures in this app for swift gameplay.

So, Belloq (the speaker of the movie line above), you can have your sacred ark, your bejeweled cross and your golden head. Just don’t try to take our Temple Run.

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Reviewed: Apr 27, 2012 |

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