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Temple Run: Brave

By Imangi Studios, LLC and Disney


Run like Prefontaine and conquer Scotland’s adventurous terrain in Disney and Pixar’s new version of Temple Run, based on the movie Brave.

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Temple Run: Brave is the revamped, relocated and enhanced version of Temple Run. Instead of the Mayan Jungle, tackle the scenic Scottish terrain. And instead of running from monkeys, elude Mordu, the demon bear from the hit Disney and Pixar film, Brave.

This new take on the action and adventure original has you run, slide, jump, and turn on your journey through Scotland as Princess Merida, the movie’s main character and heroine. Although the game app offers all new environments and characters inspired by the film and Scotland’s countryside, there’s no doubt that changes are mostly cosmetic.

Brave is Temple Run with a fresh coat of paint. But the paint is vibrant and colorful, so we’ll take it. The new version does offer one original feature—archery. As Merida runs, tap on targets to shoot bull’s-eyes and earn extra coins. Our only complaint about this feature is that targets are brown and blend too easily with the trees around them, making them hard to see and even harder to shoot in time.

Gameplay is colorful, and the swipe and tilt controls function flawlessly. Not only is the environment engaging, but the soundtrack is decent too. Merida’s voice clips are cheesy and a bit repetitive, but they certainly enhance the game a bit.

If you’re a huge fan of Temple Run, Brave is worth the download. But if you only play it on occasion, perhaps having the Disney theme isn’t worth the extra buck.

Reviewed: Feb 05, 2013 |

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