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Test Your Hearing

By EpsilonZero


We’re not saying you should skip the doctor, but as an added precaution (or just for fun), find out your hearing-test results with the free app Test Your Hearing.

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Remember those hearing tests your elementary-school nurse would do during gym class? Test Your Hearing is kind of like that, except there’s no mysterious soundboard contraption needed. Now you can do the test yourself and there’s no funky equipment required. There’s also no waiting for the school nurse to mail your hearing-test results home to your parents—you’ll find out how well you can hear in a matter of minutes with this app.

First, choose which hearing test you’d like to complete: the frequency hearing-range test or the frequency hearing-definition test. Both tests involve a set of 25 exercises. During the frequency hearing-range test, you’ll tap “Play the Tone” and listen for a sound. If you don’t hear anything, tap “I Didn’t Hear the Tone,” and if you did, tap “I Heard the Tone.” (Yeah, pretty fool-proof.) If you tap “I Didn’t Hear the Tone,” the app will also ask you if you want to try turning up your phone’s volume before you proceed. The frequency hearing-definition test involves the same process, but instead of listening for sounds, you’re listening to see if you noticed a difference in the tone. The tones range from lower to higher pitch.

The test is over at the end of your 25 tones, and Test Your Hearing will produce your hearing-test results page (dun, dun, dun). The app lists your hearing range or frequency-difference measurements. If you really don’t understand what all those numbers in Hz units mean (it’s ok, we don’t either), you can simply tap “Test Details” for a quick rundown.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the hearing-test results page includes which animal you hear like (for the frequency hearing-range test) or the band instrument you sound like (for the frequency hearing-definition test). Random, but fun. You can then share your hearing-test results with your friends and boast the fact that you hear like a mouse.

Reviewed: Jan 09, 2012 |