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Texas Monthly BBQ Finder

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The Texas Monthly BBQ Finder app gives you information, directions and reviews on BBQ joints just around the corner, or all across the globe.

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Texas Monthly, the arbiter of all things Texas and the internationally recognized magazine, now has an app...for BBQ. Fitting, considering Texans take great pride in not only their state but in their ’cue too. The great thing about this app is that you can be anywhere and use it effectively. 

When you open the app, the clever design will get your salivary glands working before your fingers get tapping. You’re given three options: Find BBQ, Texas Monthly’s List and Buzz. If you have a Texas Monthly login, or if you’re a subscriber, you can sign in as well.

First, we tested the Find BBQ section. (What? We were hungry.) Soon came a list of the closest BBQ restaurants per our current location. Several of them we had heard of, some of them we hadn’t.

Once you click on a specific restaurant, all the pedigree information is displayed to get you there in a jiffy: phone number, address, hours and city. You can even elect to rate the restaurant if you’ve been there before, or you can rate it after your visit.

In the Buzz section, you can find out what other BBQ lovers are saying about the restaurant and the food they serve. It’s a great way to get real opinions about the BBQ. Is it finger-lickin’ good or dry as a bone? You’ll find out here.

You can also search the site for BBQ restaurants you might have eaten at or heard of in other places. We typed in “Best” and the first option came up: Texas Best Smokehouse in Italy, Texas. After reading the review of that BBQ joint, the car was packed and we were shouting, “Road Trip!”

Back on the homepage, you can also select restaurants from Texas Monthly’s list. Naturally, living in Texas gives you greater access to these restaurants. But we did find several that will ship their BBQ out to you, anywhere in the world. Now that is an option we were glad to find.

So, if that BBQ of yours didn't quite work out, then this app is sure to come in handy. Cover that grill, start the car and bring your appetites.

Reviewed: Jun 04, 2012 |

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