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The Coupons App

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Before you make a purchase, check this coupon app for coupons and deals in your local area. Just ignore all the ads.

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Have you ever spent your Sunday afternoon cutting out coupons from a three-inch-thick newspaper, only to leave the flimsy paper pieces behind when you head out to shop? Thanks to this modern coupon app, you can access an updated coupon database right on your smartphone, in any store and at any time. Just think—no clumsy paper clippings required!

The Coupons App is as useful as it is frill-free. No fancy features, here—just a very long list of deals and coupons for stores and restaurants in your area. What happens when you select those deals is equally simple. The app produces an image of the coupon (as it looks on paper, complete with a barcode or promotions code) for you to enlarge and have your store clerk scan. No printing necessary.

A feature that makes this coupon app really worthwhile, though, is its gas comparison tool, broadcasting the local locations with the lowest gas prices. Each time you open the app, the homepage features the most inexpensive gas prices in your area for that day.

The app also has a barcode scanner. Before you make a purchase, check whether the item or store where you’re shopping promotes a coupon or special. And all the deals on this coupon app target stores in your local area, thanks to the it’s built-in GPS locator.

Of course, most good things come with a catch. For this coupon app, it’s the abundant advertisements scattered over the display. After all, the developer's website is calling for businesses to advertise on the app. But if you can overlook the ads, this app and its zero-dollar price tag will definitely benefit your wallet in the future. We see it as a small price to pay.

Reviewed: Sep 30, 2011 |