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The Dark Knight Rises Z+

By Reality Jockey Ltd.


Feel like you’re actually living in The Dark Knight Rises, the third and final movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. With Z+ augmented sound, the sounds from your life are incorporated into the Dark Knight soundtrack from Hans Zimmer.

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We’re not going to lie. We downloaded The Dark Knight Rises Z+ app solely because we can’t wait to see The Dark Knight Rises movie this weekend. Geekitude affirmed.

Not quite knowing what the point of this app was, we just plugged in our earphones as the app directed. Then in Autopilot mode, we started walking around our office as we listened to the eerie, heart-pumping music from Dark Knight–trilogy composer Hans Zimmer.

Suddenly, we got it: When we opened and closed a door, the music ... changed.

You’ve heard of augmented reality, but have you ever played with augmented sound? Put simply, it’s awesome, and it’s impressively demonstrated in this iPhone app from Reality Jockey Ltd.

The app uses Z+ augmented sound to incorporate your world (for instance, our act of closing a door) into Gotham City, changing the soundscape and adding a layer of creepy, echoed, suspenseful sound. The promo calls it the “soundtrack of your life,” which is kind of cheesy, but the effect turns out to be really, really cool. The same Z+ technology was used previously in an app for the 2010 movie Inception, another Nolan-Zimmer collaboration.

Other sounds we incorporated into Zimmer’s score came from typing on a keyboard (it sounded like bats fluttering around us) and people’s conversations (you can still hear the voices, but they’re echoed and dream-like). The experience is a bit hard to explain in a review, so you just have to try it out yourself.

In addition to augmenting the soundscape, The Dark Knight Rises Z+ app includes a Manual mode, housing “discussions” with Zimmer and Nolan. These are in-app downloads, but they’re free. You can also purchase extended soundtrack packs.

Lastly, you can share your love for Batman with your friends on Facebook and Twitter throughout your experience with this app. They’ve got to try this, too, provided they’re fans of the Dark Knight trilogy and can go for some lighthearted but eerie entertainment.

Reviewed: Jul 20, 2012 |