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The Dog Park Finder

By DogGoes


Dog Park Finder does exactly what the name suggests — and it does it quite well.

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If you have a dog and you’re both bored with the same old walks or dog parks, this app is a nice one to have. In case you and Fido haven’t already romped around a dog park, we’re talking, typically, about fenced-in, dog-dedicated dirt patches where you can let your pooch roam and socialize off leash while you hang out on the bench with a bunch of other dog owners.

Dog Park Finder, as the name suggests, helps you find these parks. The map interface uses Google Maps, but the information is based on actual research, not just a keyword search, so the results are accurate and complete.

Content includes fast, accurate directions, and info about the parks, such as hours, reviews, leash rules, parking, operator info and whether the park is fenced in. The paid version also includes info on restrooms, benches, lights (which is all stuff you could determine just by going once), as well as 2,500 other locations, dog-friendly beaches and hikes. Once you’ve found the dog park of your choice in your area, you might not have much use for this app, but it does a nice job of getting you there. And Rover will surely appreciate it.

Reviewed: Aug 10, 2011 |