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The Law Guide & Dictionary

By The Law Network, LLC


The Law Guide & Dictionary reference app defines legal terms and even recommends legal forums and lawyers.

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Not only does this reference app translate Latin and legalese into plain English, it also provides several key legal resources to get legal problems solved.

Made by the creators of the website, The Law Guide & Dictionary app lets users get access to the site’s content, including legal-advice forums, a law library, and common legal forms such as agreements with independent contractors, apartment leases, affidavits, and divorce kits. (Not surprisingly, though, the free app’s legal forms come at a price.)

We think the app’s strength is in its name—the dictionary that defines all kinds of obscure laws, often accompanied by a mini-history lesson.

We learn about “genericide,” which means denoting the loss of trademark protection or “moneta abatuda,” which means money diminished in value. This handy app also defines those laws and legal phrases written in Spanish and French.

The legal dictionary can be used without an Internet connection. However, if you want to browse the app’s resources, you’ll likely need one.

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