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The Oregon Trail: American Settler

By Gameloft


Face the challenges of the new frontier by putting yourself in the shoes of 19th century Americans, fresh off The Oregon Trail. Build homes, farms, shops and keep your village happy. The future of America is in your hands. 

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The Oregon Trail: American Settler app is for patriots eager to relive a classic American adventure and tame the new frontier.

A modern take on the classic Oregon Trail, the goal of this game app is to settle down and build a village, now that the great trail has been conquered. You do so by building houses and shops, tending to livestock, chopping down trees, harvesting crops and maintaining your village’s morale (seen as smiley faces in the game). Each action costs you energy but reaps food, lumber, coins or XP (which stands for experience). Think of yourself as a boy scout as you obtain badges with new skills you earn. Bonus: The app also brushes you up on some history. Encounter important historical figures or chat with townsfolk to hear some fun facts about the day and age.

After you launch the app (a heads up: the app and its levels require a bit of time to load), users select between two characters, Ma or Pa (and hold no gender bias because Ma is built just as tough). Throughout gameplay, your character endures some era-specific challenges, from logs in the road to dysentery to buffalo stampedes to hurricanes. When your character is confronted with a challenge, you must choose one of three solutions, ranging from low to high risk. Even if you choose the low-risk option—which usually costs a larger amount of coins—there are no guarantees. Depending on your decision, you could lose food or inventory, be forced to repair buildings, or endure lower morale throughout the town. Likewise, you could boost morale, add food or inventory, etc. The brown satchel at the bottom right corner expands a vertical menu where you’ll find five icons that forward you to your food, inventory, friends and settings. Ready to take on the homestead yet?

Overall, the app is impressive with its colors and interactive interface. Users have the option of sharing their achievements via Facebook and Twitter or linking up to Gameloft LIVE!, an online service for iOS and Android Gameloft games.

One tip: Alter your push notifications if you prefer to not be notified every time your energy meter is low. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered, even if the entire American frontier is relying on you. 

Reviewed: Sep 25, 2012 |

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