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Whether you want a simple definition or an entertaining game, TheFreeDictionary from Farlex combines an extreme amount of information and tools within one simple app. Sure, it’s not a looker, but this dictionary app caters to all your word-related needs and wants.

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If you’re like us, your old 5-inch thick dictionary is sitting in a box somewhere collecting dust. While we’ve been using online dictionaries for years, we’re now beginning to more frequently reference our smartphones, thanks to mobile reference tools offering speedy results anywhere you need them.

The latest reference tool we’re adding to our smartphones is TheFreeDictionary app. In addition to your standard dictionary info, this dictionary app offers a variety of interesting factoids and word games. Who says you can’t enhance your vocab while wasting time in the doctor’s office?

At the top of the app’s homepage sits the expected search bar to type in the word you need defined. When you look up a word, the app’s search bar shows the word you’re looking for, plus similar findings. It also displays a country’s flag next to the word, so you know which language you’re referencing.

The app provides your standard dictionary information—complete with definitions, variations and how the word is used in different contextual sentences. You’ll also get synonyms under the Thesaurus section, as well as translations, should you need to know how a word is spelled or pronounced in another language (the app caters to more than 40 of them). Since TheFreeDictionary is international-friendly, you can choose to navigate the entire dictionary app in one of 14 languages.

Back to the homepage: If you scroll down the lengthy screen, you’ll see a variety of fun tools and games that update daily. You can browse fun facts from sections including Words of the Day, This Day in History, Today’s Birthdays (featuring celebrities and historical icons) and In the News, which make us want to visit this app even when we aren’t looking for a definition. There’s also a customizable weather forecast and daily horoscope.

For the word games, you can choose from addictive little throwbacks such as Spelling Bee (where the app speaks the word and you type in its spelling), Hangman, Words Within Words and Match Up.

Nothing in the app bears a fancy design or complicated interface. TheFreeDictionary is a simple, no-frills app—until you start to explore its extensive and entertaining information, that is.

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TheFreeDictionary App TheFreeDictionary App TheFreeDictionary App TheFreeDictionary App TheFreeDictionary App