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Tiny Tower

By NimbleBit LLC


If you loved playing with hard hats and plastic hammers as a kid, this mobile game is for you. Play many roles – from property manager to elevator operator – in this virtual construction game. But patience is key when waiting to earn more components for your town.

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Tiny Tower will finally allow you to fulfill your dream of being a (wait for it…) property manager! Well, it’s better than it sounds. You’re also the property owner, the building owner, the landlord, the business manager, the accountant and even the elevator operator. But you’re right; no one in his or her right mind would want all this responsibility in the real world! That’s why it’s perfect for a game.

In the world of Tiny Tower, a delightful game populated with pixilated “bitizens,” you run what starts out as, you guessed it, a tiny tower. But your goal is to build that tower, adding businesses, apartments and renters. You give those renters jobs, re-stock the stores and rake in more cash so you can build even more atop your tower. As your tower climbs into the sky, your income will grow, but so too will your responsibilities. The happiness of your bitizens must be closely monitored – heck, they can’t even use the elevator without your help.

Aside from unique visuals and a charming sense of humor, Tiny Tower sets itself apart from most game apps because it’s slow-burn experience. No high scores or exploding animals here. Your tower and all of its inner workings are ongoing, even when you’re not actively playing. An item may take two hours to restock in a store you created, so by the time you’re out of your next class or meeting, it’ll be ready to go on the shelves. You might even then have enough “money” to add a new floor to the tower, add a new shop to the town and hire some of your tenants to work there. It’s a distinct gameplay style that encourages you to come back again and again.

Developer NimbleBit also makes use of RMTs, or Real Money Transactions, to speed things up. This is a popular format in the Facebook gaming scene that you may already be familiar with. Games are free to play, but by spending real money on the game’s propriety currency (in this case, “bucks”), you can cut corners. Instead of waiting, stock items immediately; sell off the rest of a product; fill in an empty apartment — all with a simple click. It should be noted that you don’t need to give this game any money to enjoy it — in fact, it’s probably more satisfying if you just follow the rules. It is a game, after all. You can also earn Tiny Tower’s bucks in-game, so you won’t be robbed of the joy of quick upgrades just because your pockets are tiny, too.

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