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Tiny Wings

By Andreas Illiger


What could be more exciting than controlling a fat bird that has trouble flying? In real life, plenty. In this game, not much.

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Tiny Wings is a perfect melding of simplicity and challenge that makes mobile games so addictive. It has a very simple premise: Control a fat bird that has trouble flying. To get him airborne, he needs to build momentum by sliding down hills and then ramping off other hills. It’s your job to make that happen. Touch the screen when the bird comes to a downhill slope, which causes the bird to dive, and then let go when the birdie starts to go up, causing him to start flapping away. Points are scored for height and speed, as well as successfully hitting multiple hills in a row with no loss of momentum.

Developer Andreas Illiger added an extra degree of challenge to Tiny Wings: You can rack up higher scores by completing a series of difficult objectives. These include reaching a certain distance, touching the clouds at the top of the screen a certain number of times or getting through certain islands within an invisible time limit.

In short, Tiny Wings is a lot of easygoing and challenging fun that’s definitely worth the dollar cost of entry.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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