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Toki Tori

By Polarbit


While Toki Tori isn't a new concept, the look of this app makes it a winner.

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Puzzle games aren’t always made up of challenging math problems and geometric shapes. They can also be cute and cuddly.

Toki Tori is a tiny chicken on the move, looking for missing eggs. In this game, you can move only so many spaces at a time, and Toki Tori will be given only so many resources and power-ups to solve each puzzle.

The concept, clearly, isn’t a new one, but it’s Toki Tori’s overall look that makes it stand out. The game’s bright, textured graphics pop off the screen, almost resembling a Pixar movie. On the downside, the game’s ultrasensitive controls are its biggest weakness. It’s very difficult to turn on a dime or make any sudden movements without falling off a cliff. This, you can imagine, can be very frustrating.

There’s not a whole that can be done when you’re falling to your death, but the game is otherwise very forgiving. When you make a wrong move, a rewind button located at the bottom of the screen quickly undoes your mistakes.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |